Headstones – Without A Sound

She wore a beautiful dress
To her own death and everyone agreed it was tasteful
She had declined
To meet their eyes
For at this point she was unable
She held her breath the water met her steps
Steeled herself for the journey
Fantasized for years that there’d be no tears
And further more she was in no freaking hurry

Without a sound

Gracefully she mimicked dreams
Played out each and every scene
Cancelled the paper while making tea that morning
Every obligation met
She climbed the stairs and into that dress
She hit her marks and the exit planned was glory
Her mind set was elaborate
No need for a jacket
A stimulant depressant of placebo
She’d been alone for years
With the grinding of the gears
Waiting for the pull of the ocean

Without a sound she’s going down

She wore a beautiful dress to her own death
Form the rocks to the beach to the ocean
Coast guard said it’s the strangest thing
She’d seemed to grimace and to wink
But I knew it was a smile that had frozen

Released: 06-15-1996