Headstones – Losing Control

Where does it go
When the last breath leaves me
Stinking drinking
I’m slowing down
Jesus Christ almighty save me
Wherever you want
I’ll kneel down
Busted headlights broken ribs
So hoarse I can’t swallow
Changed my name
About an hour ago
And I drive into tomorrow

Losing control – I can’t take it
Losing control – man if I could
Losing control – I won’t fake it
Losing cont – trol

Catch me now
I’m slipping baby
I don’t know where to turn
Last time that I saw him man
He did the chicken
While he burned
Line ‘em up I shoot ‘em down
No never mind to me
Contain it all the hard way
I do it intravenously

So many ways to define it
It simply is a curse
And what it was
That drove me here
A fifth of it was nerve
Busted headlights broken ribs
So numb that I’m hollow
Changed the claim
About an hour ago
I drive into tomorrow

Released: 06-01-1993