Headstones – Judy

J-Jude Judy she hates her parents
J-Jude Judy’s all alone in her world
A little destructive a little abusive
J-Jude Judy turn down your radio
And it goes

J-Jude Judy she’s got a problem
Sometimes Judy finds
She really can’t cope
Her minds a sinking ship
Close to the bottom
Her thoughts are bubbles
Coming off the radio
And it goes

She’s going too fast
She’s going under
She’s going too fast
She’s coming undone
And her life has been torn asunder
She spends her days
Looking into the sun

J-Jude Judy the signals damaged
An indecipherable message
From the coast
It faded too fast for me to find it
That horrible place where
That hole in time was torn
And it goes

And now Judy’s down
Yeah yeah Don’t let her up
Keep her down Keep her down
Til Judy’s had enough
She ain’t had enough

Released: 06-01-1993