Headstones – Absolutely

And now it’s coming on down
A hard and fast regime
I see ‘em coming man up but
I’m a fish you cannot clean
Could be it’s coming apart
So close they cannot miss
I rise above the silence
To a sea of belligerence
I hear it come to this
Choke on that dialogue
Just how could I predict
When we’d get here
Man we wouldn’t get along
And now it’s coming on up
A hard and fast regime
I see them smiling
They’re smiling on amphetamines
Absolutely Absolutely Absolutely mine
Try to soothe me get my back up
And I’ll paint the sky

All told it’s a personal bias
Try to pry them apart
No question it’s on sided here
Where the bones are charred
Could be they’re coming on easy
They’ve mastered their technique
No way to rise above it
I’m sure that it is obscene
It’s a driving shame
I can peel their paint
It’s a driving shame
Another inane confession
So bad it makes me cry
So hard to come apart
That thing is mummified
Here now it’s torn up easy
A hard and fast regime
I see them smiling, smiling on amphetamines

Released: 06-01-1993