Headstones – Reframed

I said I’ll been leaving and now
I thank you for the trouble
Your compassion seems to even up the score
Your ability to ridicule has left things at a stand still

And I don’t find it peculiar anymore
I didn’t drive here but I know that I was driven

And I trust that you would know to overcome
And take over the precious seconds of this minute
That left us both alone and fucking numb
I’m amazed that I haven’t caved
And I’ve still got faith in my
Self today I’m no stranger
To misbehaviour I’ve reframed every single failure

The promises we made weren’t broken but they’re fading
Neither one of us should be guilty or ashamed
It’s just a word I heard
Maybe I don’t remember
Somewhere along the line I misbehaved
I’m amazed that I haven’t changed
With all the rage in the world today
I’m no stranger to human nature
I’ve reframed every single failure
Missing pieces that are left out of the story
Painting over all things they didn’t like
It’s got something to do with what makes us all tick
There’s something there that eats us up inside
Every single failure

Released: 06-14-2002