Headstones – Pathetic Pair

Consistently tearing me apart
Convincingly unaware
Convincing me I have no part
Oh, we’re such a pathetic pair
Deceptively try to knock me down
And secretly I don’t care
Defiantly looking for an out
Sometimes I wonder if I was even there

Funny how a dead thing’s growing
Fall down and cut yourself (cut yourself)
Funny how you keep from knowing
What’s clear to no one else
Successfully it’s been torn apart
Severed perfectly, I don’t know
Courageously I’ll stand my ground
Where the hell is the remote control?
Funny how a dead thing’s growing
Like a low burning hatred
Raging but dull
Deafened by the fury and the anger
And the pettiness that’s pitiful

Released: 04-04-2000