Headstones – Nickels For Your Nightmares

Penny for your thoughts
Nickels for your nightmares
Dime for your dying dreams
Dollars for luck & despair

Who shot J.F.K. and who shot Tupac
Who shot us with everything they've had
From TV to toothpicks
No such thing as Brandos
Apocalypse is now viable and capable
Dreams are applicable as well.
Sayin' doin' doin' is sayin' meaning is knowin'

Tired that's all retarded worldwide
Games are a beautiful plaything
Bored with the dice pieces and brandy, fireplace
Encyclopedias with everything possibly imaginable
Close to fucking right off
Painting the time the card players sing as they fuck off

If that's all it takes, what could it possibly contain
It's sickening as the dogs
In seconds I've wrecked it and the landfill’s slog
If my perspective infects the rules of the game
I try so I walk
I'll not be tormented intimidated or shamed
A much later point
December has past
Summer is here again
Funny how it's all so spiteful

Be a super cool
Or have what real ghouls do
Call the balls you simply have to
Move your lips and say
"Fuck em all, fuck it all"
The man beats the drugs
Deceit loses the chow
Jealousy and unfair decisions just spell fuck it all

To be in hell
To marry well
And get richer
Three men want to reach some kind of kill
With the same women for egotistical reasons
So set themselves up to live forever
Oh I can see next Thursday
Oh there's a hole in that man's jersey
That way from someplace I hunger for the tracks

I've seen them with the dirty
Don't look at the face
Gee the jury will bite
A lemon and squirrelly but your has come
Don't worry you're not the type to curry
Turns for your tourniquet
The face looks as sturdy as Gods

Nickels for your nightmares
Dimes for your dying dreams
A penny for your thoughts
Hilarious discourse on absolutely nothing

Pointless as it may seem
And seemingly unkempt
There is no words
They're only drawings

Penny for your nightmares
Nickel for your dreams
A dollar for your dying thoughts
It's all open Sunday

Calculate the percentage and disfigure every cost
There'll be another mall open on Monday
Tell me truthfully I really want to know
What could it possibly mean
When one says
So that the rest is shining

Nickels for your nightmare
Dimes for your dying dreams
Pennies for your thoughts
A dollar for despair

Nickels for your nightmare
Dimes for your dying dreams
Penny for your thoughts
Are you sure someone's out there

Inconsiderate and uncultured
That's an educated edge
Insults dipped in condescension
That's what someone else has to live with
The sound of fucking while I'm walking down the hall
In a hotel that's so vague
Animosity and superiority
Leave me sagging

Tonight I won't find everything
But when I wind down
I have a few moments to find that I will return
And in my mind I will probably laugh

If that's all it takes
Something I can't handle
I wouldn't leave it up
To somebody else’s standards

Released: 04-04-2000