Headstones – Downtown

It’s a total distortion, throw it into the crowd
The people they’re pushin’ me
I’m not allowed a callous decision
The silence is sayin’
We fall in position, hold it away

I like it downtown,
Southbound and so loud,
I like it downtown,
Until I found out,
I found out they’re so into something
They’re so in the same
They’re so into somethin’
And somethin’s the name

The people they’re pushin’
The crowd is insane
The way that they’re moving
You know it’s sustained

I like it downtown
Just cause it drowns them out
A callous decision, don’t even say it
We’ll fill the position
We’ll hold it away
The people they’re pushin
The crowd is insane

Rollin’ blue steven’s
Got cold in his eyes
If I just get out
My mother’d be so proud,
So loud

Released: 04-04-2000